Medical Administration

Medical Administration: 1. Provide administrative services to Healthcare providers in NAFH which includes administering and/or managing the hospital with best healthcare services to the patient by developing healthcare related policies as per national and international standards (JCI & CBAHI). 2. Administrative services are managed by utilizing the medical and clinical knowledge, skills and judgment of healthcare workers who indeed are capable of affecting the health and safety of the patients and staff at NAFH. 3. Medical Administration is highly vigilant to all the services rendered to the patients in NAFH and assists the patients to receive the services with complete satisfaction. Hours/Access to Services: Sunday to Thursday: 0730H – 1200H and 1300H – 1630H (Excluding Holidays). Staff: Assistant Health Affairs Medical Director Assistant Medical Director Executive Secretary Medical Secretaries

Nurseing unit

The Nursing Department function is to administer high quality, cost effective care to patients and their dependents and to provide health promotion programmes to all eligible patients and family members in the community. Our Nursing staffs are skilled and ACLS, BLS, NRP and PALS certified according to unit acuity and specialization. Our total Nursing Staff is 180 saudi and non-saudi. Nursing Department is active in Educational Activities, providing trainings and seminars to Saudi and non-Saudi Health caregivers to promote career development.

Patient Affairs

The Department of Patient services at NAJRAN ARMED FORCES HOSPITAL aims to provide the highst level of health services to all patient with speed and excellence in applying the best modern techniques in all division of the department,and strive to overcome all the difficulties that may be faced to patients.

Radiology Deparment

Najran Armed Forces Hospital is committed to provide the patients with the best imaging diagnostic tools for outstanding clinical outcomes. The Radiology Department has expert Radiology Consultant and specialists with well-trained technicians to provide the patient perfect high imaging quality. In addition, the Radiology Department contains most advanced medical radiology equipment including the 1.5-Tesla MRI, 64-slice CT scanner, Digital Mammography, Dexa Bone Densitometer, Fluoroscopy X-Ray Machine, C-Arm X-ray Machine, 2 Ultrasound Machines, 3 Portable X-Ray Machines, Computerized Radiography System and the fully automated Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS). The PACS is a computerized system that combines the MRI, CT, X-ray, Ultrasound and Mammography images of patients and allow the radiologist to access, manipulate and enhance the images anywhere in the computers. Through online connection, NAFH referring physicians can likewise access patient PACS files and provide immediate feedback to patients and to doctors who need the diagnostic findings. The Department of Radiology has 4 Radiologists and 22 Radiologic Technicians who are well trained. The annual statistics of 2017 was total 19662 patients. 22168 general x-ray, 6 mammography, 1927 ultrasound, 1241 MRI, 629 CT- Scan examinations with total of 25971 radiological examinations.

Communications and Information Technology Department

The Department of Communications and Information Technology provides the highest quality of technology, support and communications to accomplish the mission of the hospital in order to achieve a high level of health care for all employees of the Ministry of Defense of the military and civilians through the application of the electronic file of the patient and facilitate the work of departments and departments within the hospital.


.Scope of service CQI&PSD is responsible for facilitating and monitoring the implementation of the Hospital Quality Improvement System (HQIS), based on the CQI&PS principles. It provides the necessary support and guidance to all hospital’s departments and divisions. It assists the hospital administration in meeting CBAHI/JCI required standards for quality and excellence. It monitors both clinical and non-clinical implementation of all hospital policies and procedures. CQI&PSD works hand in hand with the different departments identify their areas for improvement and assists them to plan for corrective actions and continual improvement

:data managment division

.Data collection, analysis, validation, and reporting

.Management of shared data

: Patient Safety Division

.Coordination of Risk Management and Patient Safety Program

: Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Division

. Coordination of the System Control and Accreditation Readiness Program

. Coordination and monitoring of the Implementation of the hospital policies and procedures based on CBAHI standards

. Facilitates/Coordinates training of staff on Quality and Patient Safety issues

.Facilitates and monitors process improvement initiatives in the different departments

. Facilitates and monitors all process improvement initiatives

: Administrative Affairs

Administrative and secretarial support

Coordinates and maintains the Document Control System